Alpine Skiing | Ascension route to the summit

A new project is coming to life in 2022 thanks to the collaborative work of Le Petit Chamonix Station and URLS-GÎM! Take advantage of our ascent route to climb the mountain and live an extraordinary experience! Visit the online store to purchase your ticket.

Ski resorts are excellent places to promote an introduction to alpine hiking and off-piste skiing, in a safe context. The URLS-GÎM has therefore provided equipment to the station in order to allow the realization of initiation activities and equipment loans at low cost. In 2023, we received 1 splitboard as well as adaptive bindings for kids that attach to regular skis.

Here is the list of equipment that is available for rent at the Le Petit Chamonix resort shop. Please note that the rental equipment must remain on the Petit Chamonix site. We are considering the possibility of renting to take the equipment off the site in future years

Several alpine hiking group activities will be organized in 2023 to raise awareness of this new service offered in the Petit Chamonix alpine area. To reserve your spot, please contact us via FB messaging or by email at

In order to access the site, you must pay an access fee to the on-site ticket office or be a member of the FQME. For equipment rental or trail fees, please visit our Pricing page.