The rink is now open! You can see that great investments were made in 2022 to improve the skating and hockey experience in Matapédia.

Thank you to the Municipality of Matapédia and to all the financial partners who made this project possible.

At any time, it is possible to contribute to the maintenance of the ice rink , especially when a little snow falls, shovels and scrapers are at your disposal. The employees of Petit Chamonix are responsible for maintaining the ice rink from Wednesday to Sunday. Please, it is important to respect the schedule set by the resort.

New for 2024: Skate lessons!! Registration for the courses is open from now until January 26th.  It is necessary to register at least 24 hours in advance in order to know how many participants we will have at each of our learning sessions. If you have not filled out this registration form, it is still possible to come directly on site.


Samedi 20 Janvier 2024 – 10h à 12h : Introduction au patinage et jeux 
Vendredi 2 Février 2024 – 18h à 20h : Jeux, techniques et habiletés #1
Vendredi 9 Février 2024 – 18h à 20h :Jeux, techniques et habiletés #2
Dimanche 18 Février 2024 –
14h30 à 16h30 : Jeux, techniques et habiletés #3
Vendredi 23 Février 2024 –
18h à 20h : Jeux, techniques et habiletés #4
Dimanche 3 Mars 2024 – Disco- patin avec la Maison de la Famille Avignon (heure à déterminer)

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to write to info@matapé